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Football On A Stick

Post by Steeldrama » Sun Mar 01, 2020 6:09 pm


2) Chase Claypool 6’4 238 WR/TE Notre Dame- Fast riser after a stellar combine performance. Fun player. Mismatch nightmare for opposing defenses. Pancake blocker that can really move as evidenced after blazing that 4.42. Explosive leaping numbers including ’40 vert for red zone weapon. Chess piece for a Steelers offensive coordinator to be named later.

3C) Jabari Zuniga 6’3 264 EDGE Florida- STFU Eisen! STFU! I’m catching up on the DL/LBs today and my viewing pleasure is being absolutely ruined by Rich Eisen’s highly annoying “Football on a stick” diatribe. The booth misses Mayock to keep that clown in line. Anyway, Isaiah Simmons getting all the adulation, but Zuniga’s workout was pretty damn good also…not that Eisen would STFU about footballs on sticks long enough to let anybody discuss it. Inconsistent rusher at the swamp but his 4.64 40 and 10.7 broad jump will have scouts re-scrubbing his tape.

4T) Lynn Bowden 5’11 204 WR/RB/QB Kentucky- Let’s get some excitement on this damn team. Probably the player I’m most intrigued by in the entire draft. A holy shit endless possibility chess piece that a creative offensive coordinator could really have some fun with (sadly the Steelers don’t have said OC). Disappointed he didn’t do combine drills so his Pro Day will be one I’ll circle on my little football calendar.

4) Antoino Gibson 6’0 228 RB/WR Memphis- More excitement for the offense. I’m giving Ben all the weapons his triumphant return requires. Like Claypool and Bowden, the pundits question what position he’ll play. That should be the beauty of these guys not a knock. I want fast (4.39 for Gibson here), athletic, versatile kids that can threaten a defense by lining up all over the field. Make this happen Tombert.

6) Alex Taylor 6’8 308 OT South Carolina St- Same school as Javon Hargrave. Same height as Alejandro Villanueva. Boasts 11 ¼ hands and 36 1’2 arms. Wingspan of a condor at 86’. Raw egg. Looks like a basketball player because he was one. Nice piece of clay for Coach Munchak. Oh Wait.

7) Auzoyah Alufonai 6’4 320 DT West Georgia- Every once in a while I like to see if B2B is paying attention. Local kid who also played down the road at Kennesaw St. Division II dominator who participated in the Shrine game but not the combine.

Thanks as always for reading. Please comment on the players you like and those you don’t. With little actual analysis thanks to Eisen’s ANNOYING musings, I’m trying to get a feel for the front 7 talent on hand here today. Lot of kids running quite well. Khalil Davis out of Nebraska obviously will rise after his 4.79 40. Some linebackers running well like that Jordyn Brooks kid out of Texas Tech.

Anyway, I have no clue how free agency is going to unfold. Hopefully, the CBA pushes through this week offering up some much needed cap space so the Steelers can retain some key pieces like Bud and BJ Finney. Until I see who stays and goes I’ll just keep mocking kids I like at various positions whose priority to fill may differ by opinion.

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Post by Steelafan77 » Mon Mar 02, 2020 3:47 am

For me this weekend it was some other guys...

Keep up the great work Drama. Always love the effort in your break downs. I especially appreciate the comical/sarca in addition to the honest opinion. Thanks and keep 'em going.

For me what I saw at the underwear olympics:

Alex Highsmith was the dawg I noticed. Not the biggest, fastest or even the strongest. Just very consistent in terms of athleticism and effort. Highsmith looks the part at first glance. IMHO fits the OLB mold for what the Steelers ask. A guy that could fall to the late 2nd early 3rd day...

I think from Thursday Stephen Sullivan was just as consistent. He proved he belongs in the NFL and will get his shot. Hope it's in the B&G.

Today, Tanner Muse and Jeremy Chinn stole the show in the safety class for me. Either one would be a welcome SS/ILB hybrid in place of Barron.

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Post by bradshaw2ben » Mon Mar 02, 2020 2:49 pm

I hate it that everyone catches up to the guys I’ve been sitting on for months LOL

Great mock sir

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