Calling My Shot

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Calling My Shot

Post by Steeldrama » Thu Jul 22, 2021 4:00 pm


If Kirby Dumb proves to be “Smart” and allows OC Todd Monken to open up the offense, QB JT Daniels COULD be in for a Joe Burrow type historical season AND the GEORGIA BULLDOGS will win their first national title since 1980.

My ‘Dawgs are absolutely loaded on both sides of the ball.
The local yokels are bedwetting over the secondary but I think the dawgs will be tremendous back there.

Kirby can’t coach for shit, but dude can recruit and really work that transfer portal.
WVU Safety Tykee Smith and Clemson corner Derion Kendrick are potential 1st round picks.
Lewis Cine will decapitate dudes at strong safety. Corner Kelee Ringo leads a group of 5 star corners.

The front 7 maybe the deepest in college football.

Speaking of transfer portal, LSU’s Arik Gilbert is a Kyle Pitts type talent and will line up a lot at WR until stud WR George Pickens returns.
Double zero Darnell Washington is a monster and a 1st round lock along with Gilbert.

Kirby will fuck this up and try to run the ball too much, but even still their stable is unreal deep lead by Zeus White, James Cook, and Kendall Milton. They will all play in the NFL.

I absolutely can’t wait to go to Athens for a game or two with my son who plays WR and safety for the NG Bulldogs 9th grade team and is a rabid Georgia Bulldog fan way more so than I.
He’s never not wearing something without a Bulldog on it.

Anyway, Georgia could very well lose their season opener to Clemson, but that will be due to Kirby getting outcoached rather than any talent disparity. Then Kirby will have to get over the psychological hump and figure out how to beat his mentor and greatest coach in the HISTORY of college football, Nick Saban but yes GEORGIA is winning the National Title.

Who else makes the playoffs?
I’m kinda over Clemson.
I’m sure they have national title talent, but I hope Dabo’s run is done.

I think Oklahoma, Alabama, and Ohio St join Georgia in the final 4 especially if Georgia knocks off Clemson week 1.

Watch out for LSU.
Eddie O has too much talent not to challenge.

Love QB Matt Corral at ‘Ole Miss.
They’ll score points.

But I really dig Texas A&M.
If I had a better feel for their QB I think the Aggies could give ‘Bama a run in the SEC West.
They have some studs like rbs Spiller and Ainas Smith

Saban is my guy and will not lose to Jimbo.
I was at the ‘Bama spring game as per my usual. I scouted WR John Metchie his freshmen year.
This year my guy is Jahleel Billingsley another Kyle Pitts type of matchup nightmare.
Left tackle Evan Neal is an Orlando Pace type generational LT.
Will Anderson is a stud edge player.
My only real concern for ‘Bama is replacing Sark with Bill O’brien. Not good.

Will a PAC 12 team contend this year?
Will the Steelers send a scout west of Texas?

Oklahoma and Ohio St will point up points, but I don’t know that they’ll have the defenses to stop the big boys.

I don't know how the seedings will shake out but AGAIN, the UGA Bulldogs are my National Champs

Finally, I love watching late night left coast/mountain west football
BYU my favorite, especially last year with Zach Wilson.

This year my 10:00 game will hopefully feature a whole lot of Nevada and QB Carson Strong, a potential Ben successor.

Thanks as always for reading. Please post your thoughts and predictions for the upcoming 2021 College Football season.

Go Dawgs!
Roll Tide!

Nick Markakis on Astros: "Every guy over there needs a beating."

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Post by bradshaw2ben » Mon Jul 26, 2021 4:31 pm

I’m certain they won’t be given a chance to do anything that would get them even a sniff of playoff consideration, but Cincinnati, Liberty, and especially Coastal Carolina are going to have some solid, top 25 type teams. Coastal in particular has a tough-to-prepare-for offense, with a stud QB, Mackey candidate TE, & Stud WRs… with a defense that at least slowed Zach Wilson last year—largely thanks to a potential -at round EDGE in Gunter. If you had a tournament of 16 teams and those three were in the bottom half of the bracket, there would be CFB mayhem like there is in March madness. Those three QBs are as good as any power 5 QB, including Corrall or Rattler.

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Post by Steeldrama » Thu Aug 19, 2021 11:53 pm

Well I jinxed that

Three key dudes I highlighted out vs Clemson

Stud safety Tykee Smith and king sized TE Darnell Washington both out with foot surgery

Washington’s blocking prowess will be sorely missed against an outstanding Clemson DL

Arik Gilbert probably out with mental health issues
I doubt this kid ever fulfills his enormous potential
Nick Markakis on Astros: "Every guy over there needs a beating."

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Post by Ice » Fri Aug 20, 2021 5:20 pm

Georgia is the only ranked team Clemson plays all year. If they win the first game of the season, they're basically in the playoff. Maybe UNC in a possible ACC championship? Their schedule is deplorably easy.
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Post by Steeler Owl » Sun Sep 05, 2021 2:12 am

The 'dogs remain unaffected by your jinx. Up 10-0 at end of third. 6 QB sacks, Clemson at about zero yards rushing.

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Post by jebrick » Sun Sep 05, 2021 1:59 pm

I saw that Georgia replicated the Steeler 2020 offense to perfection. They also have a lot of the defense down as well.
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Post by PennyBacker » Sun Sep 05, 2021 2:56 pm

Thanks, Drama! I always enjoy your posts, especially those about college athletes.

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Post by Steeldrama » Sun Sep 05, 2021 11:49 pm

Yes 'Twas quite the ugly win for my 'Dawgs, but I'll take it.
Lotta defensive NFL talent on both teams.

Sooo many studs out for UGA.
Kind of a bitter middle aged man feeling on my part, but how can sooo many players be hurt before they even play the first freakin' game???
It's not just Georgia. It's everywhere.
Modern day football players sure are a fragile bunch.

Anyway, Ultra conservative offensive game plan put in by Kirby Dumb and his lackey, Todd Monken, but rest assured I will not be mocking JT Daniels to our beloved Steelers. He won, but he doesn't have "it."

I know it's only week 1, but I see no team that can beat Bama

Go Dawgs!
Roll Tide!
Go College Football!
Nick Markakis on Astros: "Every guy over there needs a beating."

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