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Vegas Baby, Vegas

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Ahhh Vegas. You’ve never looked more beautiful. What a backdrop with the glorious Bellagio and Caesars overlooking the fountains. Free advertising courtesy the NFL. I’ve been out there over a dozen times. New Years. Two Super Bowl weekends, NCCA basketball tourney, bachelor parties, all wicked fun time. I could never in a million years watch the draft with 100k people, fountains or no fountains, but admittedly a part of me was jealous of their Vegas wicked good time.

Anyway, I’m an educator so I'm well versed in grading, but I’m not assigning grades to these drafts. Just random thoughts on the drafts I liked and didn’t like. The narrative you can’t grade a draft for 3 years is tired. I personally prefer a reaction over a letter grade, but certainly don’t get my panties in a wad when a Kiper type slaps a grade on ‘em. If you don’t like graded drafts then simply don’t read them. I just decided to do some writing to help cope with my annual post draft depression.

AFC East:

1.) NY Jets- J-E-T-S…JETS, JETS, JETS! No Jeff Lageman or Kyle Brady shockers here. I would’ve taken Jameson Williams ahead of any receiver in this draft, but Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore should be a solid duo. Someone get Sauce Gardner a speaking coach and let him know that Melissa Starks is “Most Definitely” a woman not a “Man.” I used to be a staunch “No corner outside of Deion Sanders should ever be drafted top 5”, but in a passing league I think it’s ok to depart from that line of thinking. Former ‘Dawg Jermaine Johnson worth the price of trading back into round 1. RAS stud Breece Hall forms an explosive tandem with Michael Carter. Fireman Ed finally has reason for optimism especially if Zach Wilson takes a year two leap. Good draft. I liked it.

R1 (4) — CB Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Cincinnati
R1 (10) — WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State
R1 (26) — EDGE Jermaine Johnson II, Florida State
R2 (36) — RB Breece Hall, Iowa State
R3 (101) — TE Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio State
R4 (111) — T Max Mitchell, Louisiana
R4 (117) — EDGE Michael Clemons, Texas A&M

2,) Buffalo Bills- Bills defense shit the bed against the Chiefs not a coin toss. After getting torched by Kelce and the Cheetah in OT, they drafted who I’m sure was the top-rated pure cover corner on their board in Kaiir Elam. Josh Allen is the Bills best running back. Georgia’s James Cook won’t change that, but what he will do is provide Allen with the best pass catching back in the NFL. Going to be a helluva weapon. Rest of their draft I thought was meh. I generally don’t mind Kyle Brandt. His hopped up intro of Terrel Bernard was cringy and very hey look at me-ish. The pick itself was a desperation move to find an upgrade in coverage over Matt Milano. Shakir a day 3 steal.

R1 (23) — CB Kaiir Elam, Florida
R2 (63) — RB James Cook, Georgia
R3 (89) — LB Terrel Bernard, Baylor
R5 (148) — WR Khalil Shakir, Boise State
R6 (180) — P Matt Araiza, San Diego State
R6 (185) — CB Christian Benford, Villanova
R6 (209) — T Luke Tenuta, Virginia Tech
R7 (231) — LB Baylon Spector, Clemson

3) New England Patriots- Donnie Osmond and Bill Belichick. There’s two dudes that couldn’t have any less in common. I’m sure Marcus Houston won’t soon forget being welcomed to the Pats by Donnie freaking Osmond. But hey at least Donnie and Michael Irvin hit it off. Anyway, The Pundits shit all over the Pats’ draft. For better or worse Bill takes the players he likes. I respect that and share a few of his likes in this draft. Still, I don’t think you can ignore the importance of draft value. I don’t mind the reach for Cole Strange, but not sure ‘ol Bill is going to break his string of missing on WRs by overdrafting Tyquan Thornton in rd 2. Bailey Zappe did not remotely impress me Senior Bowl week. Not a dart throw I would’ve made but perhaps Bill not sold on Mac Jones??? I do like Pierre Strong and Kevin Harris a lot, but that makes for an overstocked stable in Foxboro. Patriots have six quality rbs. Steelers have one. I’ll be checking camp cuts to see if any shake free to back up my guy Najee. Tombert hellbent on killing Najee. Shit-off stupid. Sam Roberts=Small school sleeper alert I read up on during the build a team exercise. Kid will make the roster.

R1 (29) — G Cole Strange, Chattanooga
R2 (50) — WR Tyquan Thornton, Baylor
R3 (85) — CB Marcus Jones, Houston
R4 (121) — CB Jack Jones, Arizona State
R4 (127) — RB Pierre Strong Jr., South Dakota State
R4 (137) — QB Bailey Zappe, Western Kentucky
R6 (183) — RB Kevin Harris, South Carolina
R6 (200) — Edge Sam Roberts, Northwest Missouri State
R6 (210) — G Chasen Hines, LSU
R7 (245) — T Andrew Stueber, Michigan

4.) Miami Dolphins- As I tell my students, lack of content going to hurt your overall score. Not much volume here to help the Dolphins in 2022. Of course I like Channing Tindall. He’s a stud from a national title winning defense that saw 7 players drafted in the first 3 rounds. Insane. I like him more than Quay Walker who went rd 1 to the Pack. Excellent value pick for the Phins. The Texas Tech kid offers some size to pair with tiny Tyreek and Waddle. Goode a solid rd 7 dart throw for some LB depth. Not a question of if Tua gets hurt but when so throwing a dart at a qb not worst idea. The Phins offseason moves have removed all excuses for Tua. As much as I Roll Tide, I never thought he was a franchise NFL qb. Miami will be joining the fray looking to draft a qb next year.

R3 (102) — LB Channing Tindall, Georgia
R4 (125) — WR Erik Ezukanma, Texas Tech
R7 (224) — EDGE Cameron Goode, Cal
R7 (247) — QB Skylar Thompson, Kansas State

AFC North

1) Baltimore Ravens- “Something around the eyes…Reminds me of me. No, I’m sure of it. I hate him.” Eric Decosta ran circles around Tombert and the rest of the AFC North. Lousy thug. Not all of the Ravens players drafted were slam dunks as implied by Ravens’ ass kisser Daniel Jeremiah, but more often than not I found myself muttering “nice pick, rats.” Travis Jones my favorite pick by Decosta. Tremendous value rd 3. Ojabo risky but reunited with his college DC it’s hardly a surprise. I liked the picks of both Linderbaum and Faalele, but if viewed through a negative lens are potential size risks. One too big and one too small. Double dipping at TE without a WR picked was only sus decision. Knowing the Ravens affinity for Bama players, the Texans traded right in front of Decosta hoping to steal his guys. Decosta didn’t flinch just stuck to his board and made solid, value picks throughout the draft. Injuries derailed the Ravens season, but on paper they now have some nice depth to ensure that doesn’t happen again.

*edit: just read from Peter Kings MMQB that Tombert stole Calvin Austin right in front of Ravens in rd 4. Now there’s a nice retirement gift for KC.

R1 (14 — S Kyle Hamilton, Notre Dame
R1 (25) — C Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa
R2 (45) — EDGE David Ojabo, Michigan
R3 (76) — DI Travis Jones, Connecticut
R4 (110) — T Daniel Faalele, Minnesota
R4 (119) — CB Jalyn Armour-Davis, Alabama
R4 (128) — TE Charlie Kolar, Iowa State
R4 (130) — P Jordan Stout, Penn State
R4 (139) — TE Isaiah Likely, Coastal Carolina
R4 (141) — CB Damarion Williams, Houston
R6 (196) — Tyler Badie, Missouri

2.) Cinci Bengals- I like it. Dax Hill one of a few I hoped our beloved Steelers would’ve chosen over the qb. Will be a nice chess piece for their shaky secondary. Cam Taylor-Britt a physical corner who would’ve come in handy against Cooper Cupp, but I really think the Bengals could get another crack at it. Tycen Anderson a nice day 3 dart throw at safety.

R1 (31) — S Daxton Hill, Michigan
R2 (60) — CB Cam Taylor-Britt, Nebraska
R3 (95) — DL Zachary Carter, Florida
R4 (136) — T Cordell Volson, North Dakota State
R5 (166) — S Tycen Anderson, Toledo
R7 (252) — EDGE Jeffrey Gunter, Coastal Carolina

3.) Steelers- Picks 2-4 I like a lot. The rest? Enjoy retirement Mr. Colbert. Thank you for your role in getting my beloved Steelers Lombardi’s #5 and #6. You can get on with your life’s work now. The image of drunk Franco announcing the pick of Pickett will be forever tattooed on my brain. “Please pass on the qb, please pass on the qb.” Dammit. To me the Steelers signed Mitch Trubisky as a FA then spent a 1st round pick on… Mitch Trubisky. No need for a quarterback competition. No matter the outcome Mitch Trubisky will be the Steelers qb. Anyway, I was certain Dino’s buddy Skyy Moore was going to be the pick in round 2, but was pleasantly surprised when Georgia’s George Pickens was called instead. Dig the pick, but I don’t think his immaturity can be overlooked. I do think it’s overblown, however. He’s selfish and temperamental, but he’s not batshit crazy like AB. Was certain Dino’s college roommate was going to be the Steelers’ 3rd rd pick. “Wrong again, Drama ya dumbass.” DeMarvin Leal was a preseason 1st round pick all day long so a good value pick. If you squint really, really hard you can see Tyreek Hill when watching those Calvin Austin highlights. Good roll of the dice pick end of rd 4. Like Mike Ditka many drafts ago, Tombert woke up Sunday morning, handed an intern a sticky note with the names Heyward, Robinson, and Oladokun, then went golfing. Way to mail it in Tombert. Awful.

R1 (20) — QB Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh
R2 (52) — WR George Pickens, Georgia
R3 (84) — Edge DeMarvin Leal, Texas A&M
R4 (138) — WR Calvin Austin III, Memphis
R6 (208) — TE Connor Heyward, Michigan State
R7 (225) — LB Mark Robinson, Mississippi
R7 (241) — QB Chris Oladokun, South Dakota State

4.) Cleveland Browns – I didn’t hate the Browns’ draft nearly as much as I hated the Miz and the rest of the jokers the NFL paraded out on stage to yell into a microphone. Why are we screaming to announce a whopping rd 3 pick like Martin freaking Emerson??? Nice player but good grief it’s all become such a great big unnecessary spectacle. Get off my lawn? Perhaps. Spare me the Salute to service, the sick kids, the NFL has-beens, the foreign countries, the weddings, mute bald men painted blue, the gay flag football team and the rest of the NFL propaganda and simply get back to announcing the pick, roll the highlights, and move onto the next pick. Rinse/repeat. I’m guessing only Mike Mayock agrees with me, but what can I say I’m a grumpus.

R3 (68) — CB Martin Emerson, Mississippi State
R3 (78) — EDGE Alex Wright, UAB
R3 (99) — WR David Bell, Purdue
R4 (108) — DI Perrion Winfrey, Oklahoma
R4 (124) — K Cade York, LSU
R5 (156) — RB Jerome Ford, Cincinnati
R6 (202) — WR Michael Woods II, Oklahoma
R7 (223) — EDGE Isaiah Thomas, Oklahoma
R7 (246) — C Dawson Deaton, Texas Tech

AFC South

1.) Colts-"Who the hell is SteelDrama anyway?" I ask myself that sometimes actually .Anyway, The Colts and Steelers both handed Fat Andy Skyy Moore to replace Tyreek so the Alec Pierce pick kinda annoyed me, but I like Chris Ballard’s haul here. Jelani Woods and Andrew Ogletree two large, athletic TEs for Matty Ice. Ballard went off the grid for his day 3 picks, but all of them have intriguing traits and upside. I wish I could say the same for the Steelers day 3 picks.

R2 (53) — WR Alec Pierce, Cincinnati
R3 (73) — TE Jelani Woods, Virginia
R3 (77) — T Bernhard Raimann, Central Michigan
R3 (96) — S Nick Cross, Maryland
R5 (159) — DI Eric Johnson, Missouri State
R6 (192) — TE Andrew Ogletree, Youngstown State
R6 (216) — DI Curtis Brooks, Cincinnati
R7 (239) — S Rodney Thomas II, Yale

2.) Houston Texans- I don’t like Nick Cesario and that other creepy dude running the show in Houston. It was like they (and Howie in Philly) had photos of the Ravens draft board. Shady but savvy I guess because it worked for them. First time in forever I can say I like most of the players in a Texans draft haul. Day 2 especially good with Pitre, my guy Metchie, and Christian Harris all fantastic picks to help Houston climb out of the gutter. Big gamble on Stingley but If they get freshman Stingley it’s a great pick. AFC loaded with qbs and wrs so the pick makes more sense than the pundits are giving them credit for.

R1 (3) — CB Derek Stingley Jr., LSU
R1 (15) — G Kenyon Green, Texas A&M
R2 (37) — S Jalen Pitre, Baylor
R2 (44) — WR John Metchie III, Alabama
R3 (75) — LB Christian Harris, Alabama
R4 (107) — RB Dameon Pierce, Florida
R5 (150) — DI Thomas Booker, Stanford
R5 (170) —TE Teagan Quitoriano, Oregon State
R6 (205) — T Austin Deculus, LSU

3) Tennessee Titans- Nashville another town that was an outstanding draft venue. But unfortunately for the good patrons of Tootsies, I think the Titans might be two stepping their way out of a Super Bowl birth. Wide receivers are now getting paid. The Titans should’ve paid theirs. The Eagles won that deal big time. Burks may indeed compare to AJ Brown, but until he gets on the field it’s just a comp. Dig scrappy Roger McCreary. Don’t dig the French Puton Nicholas Petit-Frere. Haskins another hammer to the rb stable. Chig a nice Delanie Walker clone at TE. Haven’t seen Kyle Phillips mentioned anywhere on SteelerFury but kid could be a nice weapon for crappy ass Tannehill. Round 3 a good time to buy the lottery ticket that is Malik Willis.

R1 (18) — WR Treylon Burks, Arkansas
R2 (35) — CB Roger McCreary, Auburn
R3 (69) — T Nicholas Petit-Frere, Ohio State
R3 (86) — QB Malik Willis, Liberty
R4 (131) — RB Hassan Haskins, Michigan
R4 (143) — TE Chigoziem Okonkwo, Maryland
R5 (163) — WR Kyle Philips, UCLA
R6 (204) — CB Theo Jackson, Tennessee
R6 (219) — LB Chance Campbell, Mississippi

4) Jax Jags- You can stop patting yourself on the back now Schrager. You’re far from the only one who project Georgia’s Travon Walker to the Jags. This oxygen thief, Peter Schrager dude offers absolutely NOTHING to the draft broadcast. Stop licking Eisen’s boots and let the grownups talk. I thought Lloyd and Muma were kind of redundant, but when you need everything it’s ok to double dip. I thought they should’ve found a weapon for Trevor Lawrence, but sometimes there aren’t enough picks.

R1 (1) — EDGE Travon Walker, Georgia
R1 (27) — LB Devin Lloyd, Utah
R3 (65) — C Luke Fortner, Kentucky
R3 (70) — LB Chad Muma, Wyoming
R5 (154) — RB Snoop Conner, Mississippi
R6 (197) — CB Gregory Junior, Ouachita Baptist
R7 (222) — CB Montaric Brown, Arkansas

AFC West

1.) Kansas City Chiefs- Fat Andy and his Tommy Bahamas can do no wrong. Just ask Rich Eisen. I do like the Chiefs draft though. Actually, I like every player they took so if I were grading this it would take me all of 3 seconds to slap an “A” on it. Two days later and I’m still surprised Mikey T left Skyy Moore on the board for Fat Andy to scoop up faster than a nacho stuck on his mustache. Fascinating offseason in the NFL the likes of which I’ve never seen. Trading Tyreek a huge gamble, but I think this draft gives the Chiefs enough to be the favorites in a STACKED AFC to get to the Super Bowl.

R1 (21) — CB Trent McDuffie, Washington
R1 (30) — EDGE George Karlaftis, Purdue
R2 (54) — WR Skyy Moore, Western Michigan
R2 (62) — S Bryan Cook, Cincinnati
R3 (103) — LB Leo Chenal, Wisconsin
R4 (135) — CB Joshua Williams, Fayetteville State
R5 (145) — T Darian Kinnard, Kentucky
R7 (243) — CB Jaylen Watson, Washington State
R7 (251) — RB Isaih Pacheco, Rutgers
R7 (259) — S Nazeeh Johnson, Marshall

2.) SAN DIEGO Chargers- “Fuck off,” Los Angeles. Ahhh Pacific Beach. How I miss it. My Chargers here had a solid draft. Zion and steal Jamaree Salyer will greatly improve the interior of the line. Spiller a grand larceny pick is the perfect complement to the little fella Eckler. Don’t sleep on bulldozer Zander Horvath. Chargers might not be Air Coryell but they’ll put up some serious points and contend in a crazy competitive AFC West.

R1 (17) — G Zion Johnson, Boston College
R3 (79) — S JT Woods, Baylor
R4 (123) — RB Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M
R5 (160) — DI Otito Ogbonnia, UCLA
R6 (195) — T Jamaree Salyer, Georgia
R6 (214) — CB Ja'Sir Taylor, Wake Forest
R7 (236) — CB Deane Leonard, Mississippi
R7 (260) — FB Zander Horvath, Purdue

3.) Las Vegas Raiders- Danke schoen y’all. Well incoherent Wayne Newton has seen better days, but Goodell gotta keep the insane parade rolling. At least Mr. Vegas didn’t fall down like those other two baffoons whose names thankfully escape me. I actually dig the Raiders in Vegas and hope to one day return there to see a matchup with the Steelers amongst all you yinzers. Anyway, I actually liked the Vegas style gamble trading for Davante Adams, but it left the Raiduhs with little draft capital. Dylan Parham and Georgia’s Zeus White two additions I like that will be eventual starters for new coach Josh McDaniels.

R3 (90) — G Dylan Parham, Memphis
R4 (122) — RB Zamir White, Georgia
R4 (126) — DI Neil Farrell Jr., LSU
R5 (175) — DI Matthew Butler, Tennessee
R7 (238) — G Thayer Munford, Ohio State
R7 (250) — RB Brittain Brown, UCLA

4) Denver Broncos- A pretty solid haul for the Donkeys. Dig the Dulcich pick to replace Noah Fant. Does that give Russ enough weapons to cook? Nik Bonitto could do a very good Von Miller impersonation. Double dipped two feisty Badgers I like to close out their haul.

R2 (64) — EDGE Nik Bonitto, Oklahoma
R3 (80) — TE Greg Dulcich, UCLA
R4 (115) — CB Damarri Mathis, Pittsburgh
R4 (116) — EDGE Eyioma Uwazurike, Iowa State
R5 (152) — S Delarrin Turner-Yell, Oklahoma
R5 (162) — WR Montrell Washington, Samford
R5 (171) — C Luke Wattenberg, Washington
R6 (206) — DI Matt Henningsen, Wisconsin
R7 (232) — CB Faion Hicks, Wisconsin

NFC East:

1.) Philly Eagles- Smart teams draft Georgia Bulldogs. Really smart teams draft two Georgia Bulldogs. 15…that’s an NFL Draft record…15 Georgia Bulldogs were drafted. Insane. More insane is Nakobe Dean lasting until pick 83. I know, I know he’s too small. He’ll prove y’all wrong. Book it Dano. I’m not the biggest Howie Roseman fan, but he did a helluva job maneuvering the draft this weekend. Trading up in front the Ravens for the best DT in the draft was lifesaving for Najee. Trading for stud wide AJ Brown may be career saving for Jalen Hurts.

R1 (13) — DI Jordan Davis, Georgia
R2 (51) — C Cam Jurgens, Nebraska
R3 (83) — LB Nakobe Dean, Georgia
R6 (181) — Edge Kyron Johnson, Kansas
R6 (198) — TE Grant Calcaterra, SMU

2) NY Football Giants- Ok, the make a wish kid that announced the selection of Kayvon Thibodeaux annoyed the shit out of me. I don't feel good about feeling that way, but I did. He deserved the hook even more than Ed Marinaro (more on him later). At least the me first Thibodeaux didn’t let that spectacle ruin his moment. Volume draft here by the Giants. Top 2 selections easy to predict and fill immediate need. As much as I dig Wandale Robinson, I thought he was a bit redundant to Kaderous Toney. Good decision to double dip on Tar Heel linemen. McKethan one big ‘sum bitch. Giants should have a really solid OL to protect their 2023 rookie signal caller.

R1 (5) — EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon
R1 (7) — OT Evan Neal, Alabama
R2 (43) — WR Wan'Dale Robinson, Kentucky
R3 (67) — G Joshua Ezeudu, North Carolina
R3 (81) — CB Cordale Flott, LSU
R4 (112) — TE Daniel Bellinger, San Diego State
R4 (114) — S Dane Belton, Iowa
R4 (146) — LB Micah McFadden, Indiana
R5 (147) — DI D.J. Davidson, Arizona State
R5 (173) — G Marcus McKethan, North Carolina
R6 (182) — LB Darrian Beavers, Cincinnati

3) Dallas Cowboys- How bout them Cowboys? I kinda liked what they did. Tyler Smith probably gave ‘ol Jerruh a Larry Allen chubby, but it’s Matt Waletzko that might end up the better tackle. Sam Williams is allergic to stopping the run, but Cowboys desperate after losing Randy Gregory to the Broncos. The Tolbert kid good value in rd 3 to help replace Amari Cooper. Daron Bland and back fusioned Damone Clark good gambles in rd 5, but my favorite Cowboy pick is the Vanilla Gorilla at pick 178.

R1 (24) — T Tyler Smith, Tulsa
R2 (56) — EDGE Sam Williams, Mississippi
R3 (88) — WR Jalen Tolbert, South Alabama
R4 (129) — TE Jake Ferguson, Wisconsin
R5 (155) — T Matt Waletzko, North Dakota
R5 (167) — CB DaRon Bland, Fresno State
R5 (176) — LB Damone Clark, LSU
R5 (178) — DI John Ridgeway, Arkansas
R6 (193) — LB Devin Harper, Oklahoma State

4) Washington REDSKINS- Get off my lawn with this PC horseshit. You too Cleveland with your Guardians nonsense. Long live Chief Wahoo! Anyway, somebody might want to tell Riverboat Ron there’s more than just Bama defensive linemen to choose from. I like some of the ‘skins players, but feel like that reached in nearly every round. Howell in rd 5 you say? He sucks. I like Jahan Dotson but I don’t think he’s equal to Chris Olave who they traded away from. The Bama kids can play. Again, they were just picked too soon for my liking.

R1 (16) — WR Jahan Dotson, Penn State
R2 (47) — DI Phidarian Mathis, Alabama
R3 (98) — RB Brian Robinson Jr., Alabama
R4 (113) — S Percy Butler, Louisiana
R5 (144) — QB Sam Howell, North Carolina
R5 (149) — TE Cole Turner, Nevada
R7 (230) — T Chris Paul, Tulsa
R7 (240) — CB Christian Holmes, Oklahoma State

NFC North

1.) Green Bay Packers- Go Pack Go indeed. Not just smart enough to draft two Georgia Bulldogs, but smart enough to draft two key Georgia defenders in ROUND ONE. In fact a record FIVE Georgia defenders were chosen in round 1. They’ll get at least two next year with Kelee Ringo and Jalen Carter. Oh I’m quite sure Aaron Rodgers went whining to his boy Pat Mcafee after not getting his new WR on day 1. Just R-E-L-A-X ya greasy scumbag. Let the big boys build the roster. Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Samori Toure all fantastic additions. Hey Aaron, the front office even bolstered the OL for ya with some nice picks like Rhyan and Tom. Despite a really nice draft, I don’t think Rodgers wins a title.

R1 (22) — LB Quay Walker, Georgia
R1 (28) — DI Devonte Wyatt, Georgia
R2 (34) — WR Christian Watson, North Dakota State
R3 (92) — T Sean Rhyan, UCLA
R4 (132) — WR Romeo Doubs, Nevada
R4 (140) — T Zach Tom, Wake Forest
R6 (179) — EDGE Kingsley Enagbare, South Carolina
R7 (228) — S Tariq Carpenter, Georgia Tech
R7 (234) — DI Jonathan Ford, Miami (FL.)
R7 (249) — T Rasheed Walker, Penn State
R7 (258) — WR Samori Toure, Nebraska

2.) Detroit Lions- Yep the Motor City Kitties had a nice draft. No brainer to pounce on the hometown kid, Aidan Hutchinson, but I loved the balls to move way up to pick 12 to steal my guy Jameson Williams from a whole host of WR needy teams. Back to back to back Buckeyes with Garrett Wilson, Olave, and Jameson. The Buckeyes know WR talent good lord. Anyway, pairing fast riser Josh Pashal with Hutchinson gives the Lions the best pass rush tandem in like their history. Watch out for the Lions after they draft their qb next year.

R1 (2) — EDGE Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan
R1 (12) — WR Jameson Williams, Alabama
R2 (46) — EDGE Josh Pachal, Kentucky
R3 (97) — S Kerby Joseph, Illinois
R5 (177) — TE James Mitchell, Virginia Tech
R6 (188) — LB Malcolm Rodriguez, Oklahoma State
R6 (217) — EDGE James Houston IV, Jackson State
R7 (237) — CB Chase Lucas, Arizona State

3.) Minnesota Vikings- The parade of ex players and semi-celebrities has to stop. Trotting out a reject from the long gone away Hill Street Blues tv series only to have him drone on and on about Gawd knows what is 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Special thanks to the poor lady in purple who had to tell ‘ol Ed to just read the damn card. Yes I’m a grumpy bastard suffering from post draft depression.Georgia’s Lewis Cine a steal for the Vikes with the final pick in rd 1. Booth outstanding value as well. Wheels fell off on day two when they reached for guard only Ed Ingram and inexplicably selected Brain Asamoah over my guy Nakobe Dean. THAT my friends is a shit-off stupid decision.

R1 (32) — S Lewis Cine, Georgia
R2 (42) — CB Andrew Booth Jr., Clemson
R2 (59) — G Ed Ingram, LSU
R3 (66) — LB Brian Asamoah, Oklahoma
R4 (118) — CB Akayleb Evans, Missouri
R5 (165) — EDGE Esezi Otomewo, Minnesota
R5 (169) — RB Ty Chandler, North Carolina
R6 (184) — T Vederian Lowe, Illinois
R6 (191) — WR Jalen Nailor, Michigan State
R7 (227) — TE Nick Muse, South Carolina

4) Chicago Bears- So the Bears do know they have Justin Fields on their roster right? I see a lot of volume here, but not a lot of studs. Gordon and Brisker outstanding additions to the secondary, but overaged Velus Jones a big reach in rd 3. Bears fans need to exercise some patience (and hope Fields doesn’t get killed) while raw talents like Ja’Tyre Carter develop because there are no instant saviors in this haul.

R2 (39) — CB Kyler Gordon, Washington
R2 (48) — S Jaquan Brisker, Penn State
R3 (71) — WR Velus Jones Jr., Tennessee
R5 (168) — T Braxton Jones, Southern Utah
R5 (174) — EDGE Dominique Robinson, Miami (OH)
R6 (186) — T Zachary Thomas, San Diego State
R6 (203) — RB Trestan Ebner, Baylor
R6 (207) — C Doug Kramer, Illinois
R7 (226) — T Ja'Tyre Carter, Southern University
R7 (254) — S Elijah Hicks, California
R7 (255) — P Trenton Gill, North Carolina State

NFC South

1.) Atlanta Falcons- My transplant hometown Falcons knocked one out the park. No they’re not anywhere near joining the Braves or the Bulldogs in winning a title, but this is the best draft I’ve seen by the Falcons since I moved down here over 20 years ago. I didn’t really like the Drake London pick, but after dumbass Calvin Ridley got himself suspended for the year after betting on NFL games they were left with little choice. London has already dubbed he and Kyle Pitts the twin towers. Easy big fella. The Falcons draft was made on day two. Ebiketie, Troy Andersen, and DeAngelo Malone all instant starters for a horrific front 7. 18 sacks that’s it for the whole damn team. TJ Watt had that by himself. Oh and Bulldog fans can stop bitching the Falcons never draft their ‘Dawgs. Tabbed two underrated ‘Dawgs to close out their weekend and appease the masses.

R1 (8) — WR Drake London, USC
R2 (38) — EDGE Arnold Ebiketie, Penn State
R2 (58) — LB Troy Anderson, Montana State
R3 (74) — QB Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati
R3 (82)— EDGE Deangelo Malone, Western Kentucky
R5 (151) — RB Tyler Allgeier, BYU
R6 (190)— G Justin Shaffer, Georgia
R6 (213) — TE John FitzPatrick, Georgia

2.) Tampa Bay Bucs- No weapons for Tom? Good. I did like this no nonsense kinda draft though. Top two picks could be instant starters especially Goedeke given the depleted state of the Bucs OL. Cade Otton and my guy Ko Kieft two really good picks for the TE room. Zyon a rd 5 steal and Rachaad White a one cut stud. Uncle Bruce even snuck in a Bulldog even if he was just the punter.

R2 (33) — DI Logan Hall, Houston
R2 (57) — T Luke Goedeke, Central Michigan
R3 (91) — RB Rachaad White, Arizona State
R4 (106) — TE Cade Otton, Washington
R4 (133) — K Jake Camarda, Georgia
R5 (157) — CB Zyon McCollum, Sam Houston State
R6 (218) — TE Ko Kieft, Minnesota
R7 (248) — EDGE Andre Anthony, LSU

3.) New Orleans Saints- Piss on you Mickey for not drafting Kenny. I hope Jameis SUCKS even worse than usual ya barrel of monkey nuts. I don’t think much of their draft other than Olave and D’Marco Jackson. Asking Penning to protect Winston’s blind side as a rookie a bit of a stretch to me.

R1 (11) — WR Chris Olave, Ohio State
R1 (19) — OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa
R2 (49) — CB Alontae Taylor, Tennessee
R5 (161) — LB D'Marco Jackson, Appalachian State
R6 (194) — DI Jordan Jackson, Air Force

4.) Carolina Panthers- You will Rhule the day you passed on Kenny! Ok Matt, you won’t. But feels good to lash out. Ickey the obvious and correct decision. Matt Corral not the answer but rd 3 better than rd 1 for this sorry qb class. Day 3 some good gambles including Happy Valley’s Brandon Smtih and combine star Amare Barno. Cade Mays technically started out as a 5 star ‘Dawg. Versatile kid that’ll make the roster.

R1 (6) — G Ikem Ekwonu, NC State
R3 (94) — QB Matt Corral, Mississippi
R4 (120) — LB Brandon Smith, Penn State
R6 (189) — Edge Amare Barno, Virginia
R6 (199) — T Cade Mays, Tennessee
R7 (242) — CB Kalon Barnes, Baylor

NFC West

1.) Seattle Seahawks- Look at Crooked Nosed Pete pulling one out of his ass. After handing Tom Brady a Super Bowl win, the Seahawks went into a bit of a roster building coma. I like every player and most were great value picks especially Legion of Boom sized corners Coby Bryant and Tariq Woolen. Boye Mafe and Kenny Walker starters from day one and I can’t help but think somewhere in his mansion ol Russ gave a WTF??? after the Seahawks got him two stud offensive tackles AFTER they traded him away. NIce one, Pete, nice one.

R1 (9) — OT Charles Cross, Mississippi State
R2 (40) — EDGE Boye Mafe, Minnesota
R2 (41) — RB Kenneth Walker III, Michigan State
R3 (72) — T Abraham Lucas, Washington State
R4 (109) — CB Coby Bryant, Cincinnati
R5 (153) — CB Tariq Woolen, UTSA
R5 (158) — EDGE Tyreke Smith, Ohio State
R7 (229) — WR Bo Melton, Rutgers
R7 (233) — TE Dareke Young, Lenoir-Rhyne.

2.) Arizona Cardinals- Way to bow down to whiny Kyler and trade for his bff. Really dumb to trade a 1st for Hollywood Brown in a deep WR draft, but it really does make some sense. Kyler doesn’t seem likable to me. This trade buys Kyler a much needed friend AND salvages Hollywood Browns career. Dude was drowning in Baltimore playing with WR killer Lamar Jackson. Kyler a much more accurate deep ball thrower than Lamar. Crazy, dumb trade has some logic behind it. Thought their draft was barely decent. Cam Thomas a good edge prospect after losing Chandler Jones and a couple good dart throws at luketa and Hayes in rd 7.

R2 (55) — TE Trey McBride, Colorado State
R3 (87) — EDGE Cameron Thomas, San Diego State
R3 (100) — EDGE Myjai Sanders, Cincinnati
R6 (201) — RB Keaontay Ingram, USC
R6 (215) — G Lecitus Smith, Virginia Tech
R7 (244) — CB Christian Matthew, Valdosta State
R7 (256) — EDGE Jesse Luketa, Penn State
R7 (257) — G Marquis Hayes, Oklahoma

3) San Fran 49ers- The 49ers wisely didn’t just give away their disgruntled wr, but unless they find a way to pacifiy Deebo Samuel their Super Bowl chances don’t look good. I like the idea of pairing Drake Jackson with Nick Bosa to give the front 7 some more pass rushing juice, but Shanny quickly lost me badly reaching for Tyrion Davis-Price. This after stealing rookie stud Elijah Mitchell in rd 4 of last years draft. Danny Gray feels early too, but I like both corners to add depth to their secondary. Not a good haul, but won’t matter much if Trey Lance doesn’t make a huge year two leap.

R2 (61) — EDGE Drake Jackson, USC
R3 (93) — HB Tyrion Davis-Price, LSU
R3 (105) — WR Danny Gray, SMU
R4 (134) — T Spencer Burford, UTSA
R5 (172) — CB Samuel Womack, Toledo
R6 (187) — T Nick Zakelj, Fordham
R6 (220) — DI Kalia Davis, UCF
R6 (221) — CB Tariq Castro-Fields, Penn State
R7 (262) — QB Brock Purdy, Iowa State

4) LA Rams- Saved the worst for last. Tombert mailed in their last 3 picks, but man the Rams mailed in their whole damn draft. Once again the Rams rented a beach house draft weekend to get drunk, party, and bash picks like Belichick’s reach for Cole Strange. Hey jerkoffs, how about putting a cork in the margarita machine long enough to focus on making at least one good draft pick. Who needs the combine or draft picks when we’ve got a beach house and alcohol? What a couple of unlikable toolboxes, Snead and McVay. You, and your draft, SUCK.

R3 (104) — T Logan Bruss, Wisconsin
R4 (142) — CB Decobie Durant, South Carolina State
R5 (164) — RB Kyren Williams, Notre Dame
R6 (211) — S Quentin Lake, UCLA
R6 (212) — CB Derion Kendrick, Georgia
R6 (235) — EDGE Daniel Hardy, Montana State
R7 (253) — S Russ Yeast, Kansas State
R7 (261) — T AJ Arcuri, Michigan State

Thanks as always for reading. Please comment on the drafts that you like and those you don't. Go Steelers! Go Kenny!
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Post by bradshaw2ben » Mon May 02, 2022 11:19 am

This is awesome, Drama.

I am going to add my draft ranking next to the picks, to give you an idea of what I thought. Spoiler: Cole Strange was not a reach & I really liked the Rams draft that everyone hates so much.
"When things are really stupid I am not surprised. It surprises me when things are going well." ––well-known Steelers observer, Frank Zappa

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Post by bradshaw2ben » Mon May 02, 2022 1:25 pm

Ok, I just spent 2 hours editing in my rankings to your list of picks, Drama... only to have it erase them when I logged in to post.

I'm not doing that again!
"When things are really stupid I am not surprised. It surprises me when things are going well." ––well-known Steelers observer, Frank Zappa

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Post by Charles Demarr » Tue May 17, 2022 5:55 pm

Drama this is some of your best work. Fantastic read, thank you.

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Post by ironzabo » Sat Jul 02, 2022 3:26 am

Major Props Brother Drama ;)
Mr. Biscuit to the rescue 8-)

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Post by Steeldrama » Mon Nov 07, 2022 10:43 pm

Home with a fractured ankle (tragic leaf raking accident) so thought I’d take a codeine induced look at the draft here at the half way mark of the 2022-23 season.

AFC East:

Joe Douglas nailed this one (Hopefully the Steelers Andy Weidl learned a thing or 3 from JD in Philly).

Sauce is “most definitely” a stud, “man.” Homerun draft pick.

Former Buckeye Garrett Wilson not quite as impactful as Sauce, but kid is so fun to watch. Just moves differently than words can describe…true contortionist.

Jermaine Johnson missed some games but man he was in hot pursuit of Josh Allen yesterday. Jets might have best 4 man rush in football. Sack exchange if you will.

Breece Hall. Jets have the rookie defensive player of the year and HAD the rookie offensive player too. ACL’s an epidemic. The human body just isn’t meant to play football.

Michael Clemons via Clemson/Texas A&M a day 3 steal.


I think the Bills shit the bed a little on this one (No they should not have drafted an accused rapist).

Kair Elam got his lunch money stolen from Garrett Wilson yesterday. Guy’s more Mayo than “Sauce” so far.

James Cook-Fumbled on his first career carry. Bills traded for Nyheim Hines to do what Cook does best, catch passes. Not good

Khalil Shakir flashing some number wr3 potential. I actually think he passes the overrated Gabe Davis (damn I reached bad for him in fantasy) sooner rather than later.

Apparently I bashed Matt Milano right into a Pro Bowl season. Rookie Terrel Bernard started for him yesterday.


The goofy Rams’ brass deemed Cole a Strange rd 1 pick. He’s now been benched in two straight games.

Tyquan Thornton looking like a typical Belichick WR after missing first 6 games with a busted collarbone.

The Jones’ are playing well. Jack especially so.

Like Tomlin, Belichick needs to be locked out of the draft room.


Dig the Tua to Hill and Waddle action, but their tiny draft haul is netting (Dolphins/Fish/Net) them nothing.

My guy Channing Tindall battled through some early injuries but he and his ‘mates got shelled by an emerging Justin Fields.

AFC North:


Big haul as per usual.

Tyler Linderbaum- bashed by posters for size but the little fella sure put Devin White on notice.

Tom Brady told Kyle Hamilton that he would be one of the best safeties in the league. Don’t you have some divorce papers to sign, Tom?

David Ojabo- I hate scUM and the Ravens but hope this kid can have an impact coming back from his blown achilles after pointless pre-draft workout.

Travis Jones- Will be typical solid Ravens starter.

The Penn St punter is phenomenal and by all accounts didn’t rape anybody.

“Not bloody Likely!” Isaish's a stud. Combine numbers ain’t everything.


“Speed this up, Drama. Geezus”

Dax Hill battling a shoulder injury but has been lights out when he’s played. He was one of my preferred choices over Kenny.

Zach Carter getting a lot of playing time along the d-line but Cordell Volson one of many dudes helping Joe Burrow set the fastest to get sacked a 100 times record.


I don’t think Pickett to Pickens is going to be a thing. I like Kenny’s intangibles, but watching him struggle is just painful to watch. YOU SUCK, CANADA!

Demarvin Leal was playing well before getting injured.

Steelers have bad luck drafting little fellas. Calvin Austin looking like a swing and a miss. Can’t imagine lisfrranc good for a speed guy.

Gotta play the Robinson kid. Bush still my least favorite Steeler even after Claypool trade.

Cam’s brother and the other qb drafted both wasted picks.


Lotta volume. I think biggest impact being made by their rookie kicker.

David Bell catches some balls but he’s as slow as advertised.



I really liked the Colts draft, but man they SUCK.

Alec Pierce showing he can play despite qb woes.

Jelani Woods doing his best Cris Carter imitation (just catch touchdowns for you youngsters)


Such an unlikable organization but I still say they nailed this draft.

Stingley, Pitre, and Dameon Pierce having big rookie impact.

Bama kids Christian Harris and John Metchie will make impact once recovered from injury/illness


Such an awful qb class. At least the Titans waited until RD 3 to draft their bust.

Chig had great catch and run last night then was never heard from again.

The French Puton from Ohio St is a starting RT.

Treylon Burks looking like a fragile rookie bust.

Howie ROBBED the Titans for AJ Brown.


I love my ‘Dawgs but Trey Walker not having the impact of the top pick in the draft.

Measurables are there so I’ll give him more time.

Didn’t like the Devin Lloyd pick but he’s playing quite well.



Dino’s buddy Skyy Moore looking like a bust. Can’t even field a punt.

I know, I know, he’s a rookie trying to learn Fat Andy’s ohh so complicated offense.

George Karlaftis playing well off the edge.

Isaiah Pacheco runs hard but Chiefs threw some kind of record 68 times last night.


Zion Johnson and the Chargers OL all kinds of injured leaving the ‘Dawgs Jamaree Salyer as their most valuable rookie.

Sean Payton going to get Justin Herbert to the HOF


Man, this team blows. I thought Dawg Zeus White would have an impact but it’s been all Josh Jacobs all the time.


Russ Wilson apparently not very well liked. That happens when you’re a big ol phony.

Greg Dulcich looking like a pretty fast TE.



Say what you will about Howie Roseman but I like his aggressive roster building approach. Trades for draft picks, trades for players. Hit on a day 2 running qb. Eagles should be contenders for next few seasons.

Georgia’s Jordan Davis the stud I told ya he was (Nikobe Dean not so much) Get well soon big fella.


Another draft class I liked but not sure those top two picks having a big impact.

Bama’s Evan Neal was a turnstile before getting hurt and Thibodeuax has one sack.

Saquan and my guy Daboll carrying the surprising G-Men.


Edge Sam Williams another stud rusher to go with DPOY Micah Parsons


The modern athlete is so fragile, but can’t fault B-Rob for getting shot…twice.

Johan Dotson hurt too.

NFC North

The PACK be strugglin’ (And I oddly love it)

A-Rod injured and not playing well. His rookie WR’s fragile and struggling
At least my ‘Dawgs Quay Walker and Devonte Wyatt playing well.


I had high hopes for my mighty Lions.

Poor record result of poor coaching

The rookie class is GREAT
Aidan Hutchinson, Kerby Joseph had ints yesterday
Malcolm “Rodrigo” was the star of Hard knocks and instant starter at LB
My guy Jameson Williams will be awesome this year or next


Somewhat surprising start considering their rookie class not contributing much

I’m just not a Kirk Cousins fan. Kind of a toolbox.

My guy Lewis Cine suffered gruesome compound fracture. Hopefully he plays football again.


Justin Fields is fun player to watch. Chase Claypool not the stud WR I think he needs to continue his improvement.
Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker stud additions to a really good Bears’ secondary.

AFC South

It’s such a Falcons thing to do to draft a receiver and a TE in the top ten THEN NOT USE THEM.

Shit-off stupid organization

Marcus Mariotta is very low ceiling player.
I’d put in Ridder just to see if he’s a lottery ticket (Not 1.9 billion lottery ticket)

Their rookies flashing at times on defense but old man Pees doesn’t trust them. Ebiketie and Malone have the talent but can’t grow sitting on bench. Same with Troy Anderson. Play the kid. Geezus.


Is Tom gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that)? I mean he REALLY leapt into Byron Leftwich’s open arms didn’t he?? Gizelle left him. Signs are there.
Damn Codeine

Ok so Brady’s struggling. 100k yards is insane. Should’ve retired after his last Super Bowl win.

UGA’s Camarda a helluva punter and by all accounts not a rapist either.


Chris Olave a stud rookie. Got knocked out. Concussions an epidemic. The human brain is not meant to play football.


Neck and Neck with the Steelers for worst team in football.

My guy ICKY have great rookie year.
He’s a building block.



Liked the trade for CMC.

Their draft was kinda meh but Drake Jackson can rush the passer when given a chance.


I could’ve saved myself 30 minutes and just wrote about Crooked Nose Pete’s draft.

I said it was good on draft weekend but it’s HOLY SHIT good.

R1 (9) — OT Charles Cross, Mississippi State
R2 (40) — EDGE Boye Mafe, Minnesota
R2 (41) — RB Kenneth Walker III, Michigan State
R3 (72) — T Abraham Lucas, Washington State
R4 (109) — CB Coby Bryant, Cincinnati
R5 (153) — CB Tariq Woolen, UTSA
R5 (158) — EDGE Tyreke Smith, Ohio State
R7 (229) — WR Bo Melton, Rutgers
R7 (233) — TE Dareke Young, Lenoir-Rhyne.

Everyone of those kids plays. Top 6 all STUDS. Wooten in running for RDPOY and Walker ROPOY


“I don’t know what it is…something around the eyes. No. I hate him”

Not sure what it is but I despise Sean McVay.

Super cocky dude that skips combine and parties at beach house on draft weekend.

How’s that workin’ out for ya Sean?

Go pound salt (or your incredibly hot wife) ya barrel of monkey nuts.

Thanks as always for reading. Please comment on the players you like and those you don't.

Go Najee
Go Kenny
Go Steelers!
Nick Markakis on Astros: "Every guy over there needs a beating."

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Post by bradshaw2ben » Fri Nov 11, 2022 4:55 pm

That Seattle draft is outstanding. The Jets draft is extremely good for them, too. Even if you only hit on a superstar at the top of the draft, you've still done well.
"When things are really stupid I am not surprised. It surprises me when things are going well." ––well-known Steelers observer, Frank Zappa

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Post by Charles Demarr » Fri Nov 11, 2022 6:56 pm

Drama is a top 3 pick as far as this site goes. Always great content, thank you.

Yeah I agree B2B, the Seahawks killed this draft. Woolen and Bryant in rounds 4 & 5 is about as good as it gets. The Steelers desperately need a draft like this.

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